Moving High Loads and Power Line Clearances

If the load that you are transporting is over 5.3 meters high you must contact the electric service provider of the area before proceeding. When a request for a high load is received, you will either be cleared to move the load yourself or it will be stated that you need an escort for the load to have the lines lifted or dropped along the way depending on the route you will be taking.

North Parkland Power requires a minimum of 7 working days to process a high load move request.

  • In warm months the power lines tend to sag which reduces the clearance limits. This factor makes the winter months a favorable time to move large loads.

Once CallClick Before You Dig

If you or a contractor on behalf of you wishes to excavate contact Alberta One-Call to request that the buried utilities on your property be located and marked at least two full working days before you plan to dig. Remember that during the busy Spring or Fall seasons, it may take longer for utility owners to respond, so contact us early. We can accept your request up to 14 days in advance. Alberta One-Call can be contacted by calling 1-800-242-3447 or on their website

North Parkland Power will locate the power lines that go up to the meter free of charge, but any secondary lines from the meter/transformer pole are the responsibility of the property owner. Private utility locators can be found online or in any phone book, or you could contact 2nd Call at or by telephone 1-855-2nd-Call.

  • North Parkland Power will locate your secondary lines, but it is a chargeable service. Call the office at 780 398 2000 for more information.