Looking to invest in Solar Power?? North Parkland Power has now teamed up with

SkyFire Energy to make it a smoother process.

Benefits of the Program for our Member-Owners

  • Preferred discount pricing
  • Free solar site assessment, regardless of location
  • Streamlined interconnection process

Why Now? and Why Solar?

  • The Provincial Government has launched new solar and energy efficiency programs;Growing Forward, Municipal and Indigenous solar programs in place supporting our members to go solar.
  •  The Alberta government is also working through the detailed development of a broader incentive program for solar in Alberta right now – likely to be implemented in late early-mid 2017
  • A Preferred Solar Program allows North Parkland Power to begin playing an active role in the solar industry, engaging with our members and positioning ourselves for future changes in the utility business.

For a free estimate or to apply and get started,click_here



npp-solar-brochure npp-solar-brochure-2