Growing our own

As a strong believer in fostering local community support within the region, we are very proud of our internal hiring policy that places an emphasis on finding, hiring and training local candidates whenever possible. We have been fortunate to find the talent by reaching out to our communities and bring on board candidates with similar community roots and ties.

As an employee, we train, educate and nurture their respective development, knowing the employee has a vested interest in helping us satisfy our Members energy needs.

Becoming a Powerline Technician

The power electrician trade is separated into 2 disciplines:
   a) Power Generation and Metering (power system electrician)
b) Power Transmission and Distribution (powerline technician)
Periodically NPP accepts apprenticeship applications as part of our ongoing employee development program to foster growth in our communities.

Career Opportunities

No current positions available at this time. Please check back soon.